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25 Stylish Home Upgrades That Only Look Expensive

Most of us out there in the really real world are just trying to save a buck… whether through extreme couponing or using a few less toilet paper squares in the loo. It seems like when it comes to sassying up your home, though, you can’t keep money from flying out the door. Well, I can help with some simple home hacks that will keep your money where it should be—in your piggy bank.

1. Add Some Mirrors!

Mirrors are great for giving the illusion of extra room and they’re also a great place for ghosts to live. Don’t believe us? Watch any horror movie, ever.

2. Add Smaller Mirrors!

With some rope and some glue you can make a great decorator piece… and you’ve just given the ghost something to strangle you with. Good job. Instructions found here.

3. A Chic Jar Organizer for The Wall.

Not sure what to do with your moonshine jars after you’re done drinking the night away? Well a cool wall organizer is a great idea! Here’s a video showing more.

4. Make Your Lampshade a Piece of Art.

I have no snarky comments for this. THIS is awesome. Instructions found here.

5. A Stylish Print for Your Curtains.

When you want to decorate curtains that only cover 1/8” of your windows, like in this picture, a colorful top print is the way to go. More details here.

6. Curtains Closer to Your Ceiling Make for Larger Windows.

This is a nice trick for making windows, and your room, look larger. If this information gets out, men will be hanging curtains above their belts.

7. Full Bath Dreams on Half Bath Budget?

Some floor to ceiling curtains will do the trick for opening up your water closet.

8. Spare The Rod, Spoil The Curtains.

An unusual curtain rod can show people your stylish side, or that you just simply ran out of curtain rods. More ideas here.

9. Ties for Your Curtain Will Impress for Certain.

Pretty self-explanatory. I just like our catchy rhyme. Other ways to decorate them here and here.

10. Get A Handle On Your Cabinets.

A new handle that is. Instead of a new cupboard or dresser, try some new knobs to give that old surface a new look.

11. Frame it Up.

In a move straight out of Pee-Wee’s playhouse, wrapping a frame around your television will give your entertainment room a catchy look. More ideas here.

12. Be Gone, Foul Wiring.

A simple use of a shower rod will hide those unsightly cables. Instructions found here.

13. Turn Those Cables Into Art.

With some staples, patience, and skill you can make designs out of those pesky wires that are such an affront to decorative tastes. See this example.

14. Create A Unique Headboard.

Shop class doesn’t seem so dumb now, does it? Instructions found here.

15. Make A Canopy for Your Bed.

With some shower rods, and a little effort, you can turn your can’t-o-py into a canopy. See this one a New York designer made.

16. Drawers, They Hold Stuff.

There is a lot of unused space (and monsters) under your bed! Slide a drawer under there to create some extra storage. See instructions here.

17. Ewww… Linoleum.

A fresh coat of paint will take care of that. Detailed instructions here.

18. I Saw A Ceiling And I Want To Paint It Black.

It gives depth and could possible cheer up your emo kid. See more photos here.

19. Mirror Screams, “I’VE BEEN FRAMED!!”

Adding a decorative edge to your mirror can liven up the bathroom. See instructions here.

20. Switch Out Your Switches.

Adding some color and decoration to your light switch panels can really put some pizzazz in your home. More design ideas here and here.

21. All That Glitters…

Is gold. Yes, adding some gold accents to the spaces in your home will bring new life to old décor. Learn more here.

22. Focus On a Wall…

An accent wall in a room will help make your living areas seem brighter.

23. A Rainbow of Options.

Using different color schemes can add depth to your room without doing any actual expansion! See example interiors here.

24. It’s Curtains for Your Bedroom.

Adding a curtain barrier can add some flare and illusory depth to your sleeping chambers. More photos can be seen here.

25. Radiating Warmth and Style.

Usually those are just fancy words to say what a fresh coat of paint can do for your household. Now, they actually mean what they say! Turn your radiator into a statement instead of an eyesore.

Justin Hemker

Justin Hemker is a North Carolina licensed real estate broker whose real estate experience dates back to 2003 when he was first licensed in Michigan as a real estate salesperson. Almost two decades later, Justin has seen how the industry has changed from paper MLS books and print-marketing, to the digital-dominant marketing of today. Putting his Web Technologies background to work, Justin strives to bring the highest caliber of real estate service to Triangle-area home buyers and home sellers of every price point.